[Podcast] Enlargement Fatigue and the Balkan Countries

Фев 22, 2024




What is enlargement fatigue? Can it be transformed into EU scepticism? Can the opponents to the enlargement of the EU members change their perspective?

We discussed these topics with Engjellushe Morina, a senior policy fellow with the Wider Europe program at the European Council on Foreign Relations. She works from ECFR’s Berlin office. Her work mainly addresses the geopolitics of EU enlargement, Kosovo-Serbia relations, and the geopolitical aspects of the Green agenda. Morina holds degrees from University College London, Oxford University and the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

The podcast was recorded as part of the project “Building bridges for a common future: Rule of law in view of EU accession” implemented by the European Policy Institute, financed by the European Union. The contents of this podcast do not reflect the official opinions and positions of the European Union. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in this podcast lies entirely with the European Policy Institute (EPI) – Skopje.

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