Accession monitoring and advocacy: EPINET

In the period February 2013 – April 2013, EPI implemented the project Embedding EU Expertise, supported by the British Embassy – Skopje, with a specific objective to establish a pool of excellence from Macedonian postgraduates and PhD students who had finished their EU-related studies abroad.

EPI assembled a network of young EU professionals, through a public call, in cooperation with the British Embassy, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands and the American Embassy. The kick-off event (Berovo, Macedonia, 22-24 of February, 2013) addressed the objectives of the project and formulated the vision and the mission of the network. Three additional networking events were held to further foster the community sense of the network.

One the results of the project was the publication of 19 policy papers on current accession issues by 33 members of the network.



On 23 April, a Conference was held in Skopje to present the policy papers to the media and the wider public. The event was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of EU affairs and the UK Ambassadors in Macedonia. Significant media presence was noted. Additionally, EPI presented a Gap Analysis on the current EU expertise in the country:


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