Universal Periodic Review Workshop: Strengthening the Capacities of Parliamentary Staff

Mar 26, 2024


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The European Policy Institute (EPI), in cooperation with the United Nations Organization, successfully organized the workshop “Building Capacities for Parliamentary Staff on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR)”, held on March 21-22, 2024, at Hotel Radika, Mavrovo. The aim of the event was to strengthen the capacities of parliamentary staff and to increase their ability to effectively contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights within parliamentary responsibilities.

The workshop provided a platform for participants to deepen their understanding of the UPR process, highlighting its importance as a mechanism for assessing the human rights records of UN member states. The event emphasized the critical roles of legislative, executive, and judicial bodies in promoting human rights and the need for broader involvement of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia in this process.

Sessions of the workshop, led by experienced experts and practitioners, provided detailed insights into the basic principles of the UPR, as well as practical steps for strengthening the parliament’s engagement in this process. Participants actively engaged in discussions and group activities, encouraging collective learning and problem-solving.

Discussions and working sessions resulted in several key recommendations for improving the Assembly’s engagement in the UPR, including the development of mandatory education and training programs, formalization of information sharing mechanisms, and encouragement of proactive engagement in UPR processes.

The European Policy Institute (EPI) is grateful to all participants and partners for their dedication and contribution towards the successful implementation of the workshop and looks forward to continuing the collaboration in efforts to enhance the engagement and capacities of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia in the Universal Periodic Review processes.

The workshop was organized as part of our project “Joint Action for Human Rights” funded by the European Union.

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