Mediation offers easier and quicker access to justice, but more promotion is needed

Nov 03, 2021


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The private sector, as well as the public administration, are not sufficiently familiar with the benefits of mediation, according to a survey conducted by the European Policy Institute (EPI).

The key findings from the research conducted with representatives from the public administration and the private sector were presented at today’s event “With mediation to better access to justice”.

The research showed that the representatives from the public administration that are familiar with the concept of mediation are not aware of all of its positive aspects. The situation is different with the private sector, which would choose to settle a dispute with mediation.

This research will help to concretize the activities for even greater promotion of mediation in the country. EPI as a lead of the project “Mediate, do not hesitate!” in the coming period will focus on informing and educating the target

At today’s discussion, the State Adviser at the Ministry of Justice, Radica Lazareska Gerovska and the mediator Gordana Bogreska, together with the participants debated on how mediation can improve the right to access justice.

This event was organized as part of the project “Mediate, do not hesitate!“,  implemented by the European Policy Institute (EPI)- Skopje in cooperation with The Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors “Pavel Shatev”, The Chamber of Mediators of the Republic of North Macedonia and The Mediators Federation Netherlands. The project is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje.

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