Analysis: Judiciary and Fundamental Rights in the Republic of Macedonia

This analysis is one of the key results of the Network 23 project. In fact, it is the first “shadow report” of the Macedonian civil organizations about the state of affairs in the areas covered within Chapter 23 from the EU accession – Judiciary and Fundamental Rights.

The Analysis follows the structure of Chapter 23 for the EU accession negotiations. Even more importantly, the analysis is striving to provide a response to the status in the Republic of Macedonia with regards to the requirements of the acquis, including the EU standards and best practices. Although the Republic of Macedonia has not started the negotiations yet, the structure and content of the Chapter was the basis for alignment with the EU standards and practices ever since the introduction of the Chapter in 2005 and was deemed essential since the very start of the EU integration process, when the content of this chapter was part solely of the political criteria. This is also the structure followed by the reports of the European Commission on the progress of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as the National Programme for adoption of the acquis.

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