Briefing Materials for democracy and economy – National EU Debate

This document is a summary of the two discussion topics of the deliberative polling event. It provides:
1.Information about the European Union;
2.Background info about two topics: democratic reforms and economic reforms in Macedonia;
3.Several possible policy approaches regarding the two topics and presents the challenges and opportunities regarding the EU accession for Macedonia for each approach.

There are a number of topics that could be discussed in this regard, but due to time constraints the focus of the debate, and thus this document, is on  democracy and the economy as two major topics related to the European integration of Macedonia. While the document does not present all possible policy approaches and arguments for and against the policies, it serves as a basis for stimulating these discussions. You are welcome to discuss the arguments for and against that are present in this document, and also bring in your own arguments to further the deliberations. Although the document aims to support the discussion on Macedonia’s membership/accession to the EU, arguments regarding alternative paths are more than welcome.

Read the publication here

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