“EU accession: what is the role of the Civil Society Organisations?”

Jan 11, 2013




The aim of this workshop is to enable a fruitful and expert discussion on ensuring a greater inclusion of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the EU accession process, including an improvement of the capacities of CSOs to use EU funds. The workshop will provide a debate by international speakers, in particular accentuating ways to enable joint efforts and actions of CSOs and relevant regional stakeholders in the negotiation process and in the use of EU’s Structural and Cohesion funds.

 The workshop consists of three panels. The first one will discuss the experiences of the countries from the region regarding their active engagement of CSOs in the EU negotiation process. In light of the regional experiences, the second panel will discuss concrete possibilities about the inclusion of CSOs in the High Level Accession Dialogue and the future EU negotiations with Macedonia. The third panel has an informative role and refers to sharing information and experience how civil society organisations can use EU funds. In this sense, the workshop will discuss the current experience and the challenges of the civil society organisations concerning the application process and the work with the EU funds, including exerting their impact on the programming and monitoring of the use of EU funds.

Representatives of the civil society organisations from Macedonia and the region, Government representatives, as well as other societal stakeholders included in the process of EU accession will be taking part in the event.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/146528452167081/

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