Dialogues for Vision

Accession monitoring and advocacy: Dialogues for Vision

The project aims to enhance the dialogue on key issues facing Macedonian society by creating policies based on evidence. This project provides added value to the already implemented projects in British Macedonia such as: RIA, PAR, Policy Framework Initiative for Open Government, etc. The project will bring liveliness to the already established mechanisms of consultation and improve the relationship between government / decision-makers, key stakeholders and citizens in the formulation of policies, while advancing to the overall democratic process in the country

Expected outcomes of the project are:

  1. Improved networking and synergy among stakeholders in three thematic areas: democracy, inter-ethnic relations and socio-economic reform achieved
  2. Enhanced capacity of stakeholders for evidence based policy making
  3.  Structured evidence based input in policy making from stakeholders in the three thematic areas: democracy, inter-ethnic relations and socio-economic reform

The proposed project will provide a structured input from various stakeholders on key issues in the three pillars: 1. Democracy 2. Interethnic Relations 3. Socio-economic reforms. Based on recognized trends, the project will work with network of civil society organizations and assessment, monitoring and evidence -based debates in the three selected areas, promoting the need for proper decision making process and renewed critical attention on the role of Parliament. The project will mirror the work of Parliament in the selected areas. All project outputs will be subject to further public debate focuses on vision, options and solutions in the thematic area.

The project is funded by the British Embassy in Skopje

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