Accession monitoring and advocacy: Evrozoom

In November 2013, the Delegation of the European Union through the programe Broadcasting Eruope awarded grant or production of the new cycle of the show Evrozoom dedicated to the accession process of the Republic of Macedonia in EU. The project is implemented by Evrovizhn (main applicant ) producer of the show associated with EU negotiations, European Policy Institute ( EPI – coaplikant ) for expertise in matters of EU membership and SeeTV ( coaplikant ) for objective information on issues related to the EU in Brussels.

The project started implementation as of January 2014 and will last until January 2015.

The focus of the new EUROZOOM is on the real impact of the accession negotiations, accession priorities and reforms necessary to achieve compliance with EU policies.

The main objectives are: improving citizens’ understanding of the impact, benefits and challenges of EU accession negotiations; promoting public debate on specific issues related to accession negotiations with the EU; and contribute to the promotion of freedom of expression and independent media through non-partisan and independent reporting on issues related to membership. The project was designed to address the lack of knowledge of citizens on the EU accession process and to bridge the gap between the commitment to join and awareness of the reality of the process. Consequently, the objective of the project is to increase the awareness of citizens and stakeholders of reforms arising from negotiations with the EU.

The objectives will be achieved through the results – 26 episodes with a certain format of Evrozoom devoted exclusively to negotiation.

The TV magazine is broadcasted on TV 24News each Sunday on 19.30h and re-run each Friday on 12.30h.

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