Network 23 is highlighted as a positive example by the European Commission

Oct 24, 2018




The Mid-term Evaluation on the Civil Society Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey by the European Commission highlights the Network 23 as a positive example in terms of its role in strengthening the rule of law in Macedonia. The evaluation report highlights that the projects “Network 23” and its successor, “Network 23+”, on which the Network 23 was founded as an informal network, made exceptional impact on:

  • → relevant and effective support towards strengthening capacities and thematic networking in rule of law area;
  • → peer learning from developed, capacitated CSOs, both thematically and methodologically, to smaller, local CSOs, who work on concrete challenges in the rule of law area faced in everyday lives of citizens;
  • → successful combination of cooperation between the research organisation (EPI as a think-tank) and advocacy organisations (such as the Helsinki Committee) with complementarity of both thematic and methodological knowledge;
  • → branding and communication of complex issues via easy web tools (MERC) and visualisation that can reach both citizens and media;
  • → successful advocacy and impact by the Network with national institutions (after change of government), the EU and donors.

The project “Network 23” and its extension “Network 23+” are implemented by the European Policy Institute – Skopje (EPI), in partnership with the Helsinki Committee on Human Rights in Macedonia, as well as the Center for Change Management (in the first project only). The projects Network 23 and Network 23+ are financed by the European Union.

The report also lists the project WEBER as an example of long-haul efforts to bring in structural changes in an institutional environment. This project is implemented by Think for Europe Network, to which EPI is a member, and financed by the European Union.

You can find the full evaluation report on the link.

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