Fostering Policy Analysis and Public Debate 3.0

The project aims to strengthen the culture of informed public debate in the Republic of North Macedonia through deliberation on emerging and intertwined issues–security, defense, economic stability, and EU integration. The project is a follow-up of our previous successful organization of deliberative polling events in the country and our ongoing project, both supported by NED and in cooperation with the Centre for Deliberative Democracy from Stanford University.


  • Increasing the involvement of all stakeholders and citizens’ participation in contributing to the national reforms concerning the emerging issues around security, defense, and economic stability.
  • Providing structured input on the advancement of the national reform processes through a participative approach involving the general public, representatives of national institutions, CSOs, media, political parties, and other relevant stakeholders to the defined areas with deliberative polling;
  • Raising awareness among all stakeholders in the process (citizens, experts, politicians) for the importance of public, inclusive, and objective discussion on security, defense, economic stability, and OSCEchairmanship priorities and the strategic orientation of the country regarding these issues

Donor: National Endowment for Democracy
Budget: $110,000
Project duration: 1.10.2022–30.09.2024

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