Strengthening the Delivery of Social Protection through Social Accountability, with a focus on Marginalized Groups, including the Roma and Returnees

Info:  The main objective of this task is to develop and implement a social accountability process that identifies and documents how the 2019 social assistance reform is reaching vulnerable and marginalized groups, including Roma and returnees, and responding to their evolving needs. The two key tasks subject are:

–             Undertake action research through the design and implementation of a context-specific social accountability process using a community scorecard aimed at improved delivery of the social assistance reform for the most marginalized groups in North Macedonia, including Roma and returnees; and

–             Develop Beneficiary Journey Maps for selected social assistance programs

This task is implemented by the European Policy Institute in partnership with ROMALITICO.

Duration of the project: 30.09.2022 – 30.09.2024

Budget: USD 93545

Donor: World Bank

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