Public service and human resource management in the enviroment policy sector

This report focuses on the employment of administrative servants through public calls by the Ministry for Environment and Physical Planning (MoEPP) and the State Environment Inspectorate (SEI), as the two institutions within the Environment policy sector, completed in the period January through December 2021. This report provides general information about the public calls by the two aforementioned institutions. For those calls that were both published and finalized with decisions for employment, five requirements are analysed.

Based on data obtained from FOI requests and assessment of the websites of the relevant institutions, the second chapter contains a detailed analysis of the following:
– Whether information on public calls is broadly available to the public;
– Whether applicants have sufficient time to prepare their application;
– Whether the Selection Committees are professional and impartial;
– Whether the assessment of candidates by the Selection Committees is transparent;
– Whether the best-ranked candidates are selected for the vacant positions; and
– Whether information on annulled public calls and the reasons behind the annulment are published.

On the basis of the analysis in chapter two, chapter three provides a set of recommendations for relevant institutions.

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