What is at stake for the Western Balkans: Existing and new EU enlargement instruments

The new EU enlargement methodology aimed to reinvigorate the accession process and make it more effective. In practice, the process is somewhat slower than expected. There are growing concerns that the new enlargement methodology is not alone sufficient to deliver the hoped-for gains in democratisation and structural reforms towards the goal of EU membership.

This project supports the Think for Europe Network advocacy activities on the future of the EU enlargement policy as well as the future of the EU that envisions the WB as an integral part of the Union. The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Representatives of EU institutions have an opportunity to hear about different concepts of integration of the EU, modalities for improving the new enlargement methodology;
  2. Тo equip Civil society organisations (CSOs), mainly Think Tanks (TTs) from the WB with information/knowledge on the positions of the EU institutions on EU enlargement better to manage the expectations of the accession process at home;
  3. To strengthen existing and created new ties for collaboration between CSOs (mainly TTs) from the WB have EU based counterparts.

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