Public Policy Brief “Implementation of the Strategy for the Reform of the Justice Sector 2017-2022”

This public policy brief builds on the views expressed in the Public Policy Dialogue held on December 11, 2019 at Hotel Arka in Skopje as part of the “Partnership Justitia” project: Restoring Citizens’ Confidence ”, implemented by the European Policy Institute and the ZENIT Association, funded by the European Union through the Sector for Central Financing and Contracting and co-financed by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia. The project aims to contribute to restoring citizens’ confidence in the Macedonian justice sector, by significantly involving civil society in essential reforms. The final beneficiaries of this project are the institutions in the field of judiciary.

The dialogue consisted of two sessions attended by about 60 representatives from the Ministry of Justice, the Judicial Council, the Council of Public Prosecutors, judges, public prosecutors, experts in the field, civil society representatives and diplomatic missions in the Republic of North Macedonia.

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