[Podcast] Resilience at the Heart of Democracy: Unpacking the EU’s Rule of Law

Mar 29, 2024




Check out our podcast with Dr Maria Skóra and York Albrecht from RESILIO, as we explore the backbone of European democracy: the rule of law. This episode brings to light the pivotal findings of the Resilio Resilience Observatory project, aimed at bolstering rule of law reforms within the European Union.

Discover what resilience means in the context of the rule of law—extending beyond legal frameworks to embrace democratic values and fundamental rights. Our guests delve into the critical factors that fortify the rule of law, including the judiciary’s efficacy, civil society’s robustness, media independence, and the vitality of democratic political culture.

Measuring resilience comes with its own set of challenges, especially when assessing the intangible aspects of democracy. Learn about the innovative methodologies the Resilio project employs to quantify resilience and the strategies proposed to nurture a democratic political culture, ensuring electoral integrity and fostering trust in democratic processes.

The podcast was recorded as part of the project “Building bridges for a common future: Rule of law in view of EU accession” implemented by the European Policy Institute, financed by the European Union. The contents of this podcast do not reflect the official opinions and positions of the European Union. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in this podcast lies entirely with the European Policy Institute (EPI) – Skopje.

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