From responsibility to accountability: Corporate social responsibility disclosure as a mean for engaged private sector

Info: Companies are expected and pressured to justify their decisions and actions in dealing with social and environmental issues. In view of the stakeholders’ emerging interests of beyond companies’ financial results, Corporate sustainability becomes an important topic for regulators. Several Directives and Regulations have been adopted by European Union has adopted and implemented by the EU institutions and the Member states in to order to facilitate responsible business conduct and ensure that companies are held accountable by relevant stakeholders.  North Macedonia is a candidate country for EU membership and it is not obliged to comply with EU legislation. Nonetheless, the country is expected to gradually align national laws with the EU acquis and ensure their implementation.

This research project aims to identify corporate sustainability and responsibility reporting requirements for companies established or operating in North Macedonia in relation to the EU requirements. Furthermore, it aims to provide evidence on Macedonian company’s corporate sustainability actions and their reporting practices across different industries and on sustainability issues. Lastly, it will identify and provide practical examples on corporate sustainability and responsibility strategies and practices among best performing companies listed at the Macedonian Stock Exchange.

Duration of the project: 15.04-10.06.2022

Budget: 2.500 EUR

Donor: Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN)

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