The use of EU funds in the Republic of Macedonia – collection of studies

In order to promote parliamentary involvement in monitoring the use of EU funds, the European Policy Institute initiated the multi-annual programme “IPA Monitor”, the purpose of which is through evidence based research to encourage public debate and provide concrete recommendations towards increased efficiency of the use of EU funds.

Within this programme, in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert–Skopje, the European Policy Institute, Skopje conducted research on the use of EU funds in the country. The aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of the use of pre-accession funds in Macedonia (IPA), its impact, and assess the absorption capacity of the Republic of Macedonia. In order to produce a quality study, an open call for proposals was published for all interested researchers in Macedonia with relevant research experience to submit a proposal for a paper addressing a specific issue within a component of the five IPA components (I. Transitional Assistance and Institution Building; II. Cross-Border Cooperation; III. Regional development; IV. Human Resources Development; and V. Rural Development), or to analyse the absorption capacity of the country.

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