Reaction of Network 23 on the draft model for involvement of CSOs in EU acceession negotiations

Dec 19, 2018




Network 23 submitted comments on the draft model for inclusion of civil society organizations in the accession negotiations for EU membership.

The proposed model of participation of CSOs in the accession negotiations for membership in the European Union is proposed without knowing the institutional structure of the negotiations, as well as the full national procedure for the negotiations. Such an approach makes it impossible to perceive and conceive the role of the civil sector in the whole process, which is why there is a great risk of neglecting many aspects of the negotiations.

The comments are available on the link: Comments on Network 23 on the draft model for the involvement of CSOs in the negotiations with the EU.

In addition, EPI as part of the Think for Europe Network worked on a document on the Coordination Requirements and Institutional Set-up in the EU Accession Process and Negotiations. We believe that this document is a significant contribution to the creation of the model for CSO involvement in the negotiations, because it specifically analyzes the framework for civil society involvement and provides a review of the case of CSO involvement in Montenegro.

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