Election of a member of the Council for cooperation with and development of the civil sector

Nov 08, 2018




The Council for cooperation with and development of the civil sector opened a call for electing a member of the Council in the area of “EU integrations and policies”, in October 2018. Taking into consideration the importance of having successful coordination and cooperation of the CSOs in achieving effective EU integration policies, we notify you that the Director of the European Policy Institute – Skopje (EPI), Dr. Simonida Kacarska, has applied to the open call.

We call the CSOs, which work in the areas of EU integrations and policies in accordance to their statute, to vote for the election of a member in the Council.

The voting is done by sending the organization’s status report and filled in voting template to the address [email protected]. The deadline is 23.11.2018. The full report on the organizations and candidates applying for the position of the Council member can be found on the link: https://www.nvosorabotka.gov.mk/?q=node/134

You can find the motivational letter and short bio of Dr. Kacarska on the link.

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