Project details

Benchmarking for EU reform - how effective? BENCHER

Goal: Explore the effectiveness of the EU benchmarking mechanism for the Western Balkans and contribute to improving the benchmarking mechanism as an impetus for EU related reforms in the Western Balkan countries.

  • Thematic areas:  
  • ● European Integration 
  • ● EU accession 
  • ● Effectiveness of benchmarking


  • Activities: 
  • ● Develop a methodology for assessment of effectiveness of the benchmarking mechanism; 
  • ● Analysis of the EC Reports 2016; 
  • ● Country analysis and assessment of effectiveness of the selected EU benchmarks and production of a regional comparative analysis; 
  • ● Country events, regional event and country meetings with national institutions in charge of the EU coordination process; 
  • ● Advocacy meetings with representatives of selected EU Member States and representatives of EU delegations in each country; 


  • Key target audience:
  • a) EU audience: 
  • European Commission – DG Neighbourhood and Accession Negotiations; Ministries of foreign affairs in EU Member States.  
  • b) In the region: 
  • Officials in the institutions in charge of coordination of the EU integration process; academia researching EU accession, civil society organizations involved in EU integration, as well as the wider public.  


  • Results:
  • ● Comparative overview of the 2016 EC annual country reports;
  • ● Developed methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the benchmarking mechanism for EU accession for the Western Balkan countries;
  • ● Country studies on selected benchmarks;
  • ● Policy Brief, including recommendations for improving the benchmarking mechanism.