Project details

Promoting sustainable reintegration of the Roma returnees Macedonia

This is a follow up on the project “Combating barriers for exit: Roma on the Macedonian borders”, implemented in a partnership with KHAM Delchevo. The project will focus on the policies and practices affecting the Roma returnees, including their needs and necessities. The problem of the reintegration of the Roma in Macedonia will be researched through local collaborators from five municipalities, which will work with the families who have returned. At the end of the project, the families will have received adequate trainings, which will help their future employment.

The output of the project includes a preparation of a study examining the current (in)adequate policies, and which will serve as a basis for a policy paper and advocacy, aiming to achieve a sustainable reintegration process.


The project “Promoting sustainable reintegration of the Roma returnees Macedonia” is financed by the Think Tank Fund and the Office for Roma initiatives at the Open Society Foundation.