Democracy and Rule of Law: Application of RIA to the Law on courts

The grant is supported by the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” and the Center for Economic Analysis within the project “Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Shadow: Fostering evidence-based policy making in Macedonia”, funded by the Delegation of the European Union.

Application of RIA to the Law on courts

Timeframe: January – December 2018

Location: Skopje and the other three appellate regions (Stip, Bitola and Gostivar)

Budget: 9.991 EUR

The aim of this project is to enhance the application of the regulatory impact assessment (RIA) of the laws arising from the judiciary reform in Macedonia - Recognize the usefulness of the RIA tool in the decision-making process and to improve the quality of the decision-making process based on evidence and research.

Target groups:

  • ● CSOs active in the processes of monitoring and evaluation of the policies in the field of judiciary
  • ● State institutions (Ministry of Justice)
  • ● Association of judges

Members of the working group for Chapter 23 within the NPAA structure.

The final beneficiaries identifed are the civil servants and the court service directly working on the preparation of legal solutions in the area of judiciary, the media that need more information on the content and impact of the legal solutions and the wider public that has a direct interest in quality of legislation.


  • ● Strengthening the cooperation between judicial institutions and civil society organizations in the application of RIA
  • ● Contribution to the scientific discourse on the importance of RIA in the preparation of legislation through the Law on Courts

Enhanced awareness of the importance of RIA by promoting the project results in the public.

Main activities 

The implementation of the project will be carried out in three phases

Preparation phase

  • ● Analysis of existing regulations and draft amendments to the Law on Courts and previous recommendations of the European Commission and the Venice Commission
  • ● Identifying examples of regulatory impact assessment, taking into account the methodological approach of the project Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Shadow

Research phase

  • ● Organizing 4 focus groups and interviews with the target groups for the application of RIA for the Law on Courts (one in each appellate region)
  • ● Preparation of study on the application of RIA to the Law on Courts

Communication phase

● Public event in Skopje to promote research findings.

Contact persons: 

Aleksandar Jovanoski, Project director (

Iva Conevska, Project manager  (