Accession monitoring and advocacy: EPI Grant - Think Tank Fund (TTF) - Open Society Institute - Budapest

Institutional and core functioning grant for organisational operation of EPI, as well as development of the programme activities of the Institute.

  • EPI Grant OSI-TTF (исто како во МКД верзија)
    • Forum Europeum
      • RM-EU: what is the Strategy?;
      • Accession to the EU: “Accession to the EU: What role for CSOs, if any?”;
      • Dialogue on the Accession Dialogue;
      • The First Stabilisation and Association Agreement ten years later.
    • Publications
      • Analysis of the 2013 EC Progress Report for the Republic of Macedonia;
      • Analysis: Same Recommendation, New Commendation;
      • Ten EU priorities of the New Government;
      • Republic of Macedonia: Accepting European Norms - Inertia in Limbo.