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Citizens' first! - Regional conference on PAR in Belgrade

Citizens' first! - Regional conference on PAR in Belgrade


For the past three years, six Western Balkan think tanks have been exploring public administration reforms (PAR) across the region, providing a civil society perspective. How to demand better administration in the Western Balkans? Why is it important to involve civil society? Why regional approach to improving good governance matters?

We are proud to announce a two-day regional conference to be held on September 25-26, 2018 in Belgrade, where we will have an open discussion on these and many more topics, and present the Regional PAR Monitor Report – one of the key results of our comparative research on monitoring PAR within the WeBER project. A special session will be focused on PAR monitoring by local CSOs, featuring stories from cities and municipalities, where most successful local projects will be presented.

D-r Simonida Kacarska, Director of the European Policy Institute – Skopje will take active participation in the conference, where she will moderate the discussion on the regional progress in PAR, as well as give a concluding speech at the conference. Additionally, Aleksandra Ivanovska, Researcher in EPI will give impulse speech at the discussion on the accountability of the public administration.

The conference will gather regional stakeholders in the PAR area, among whom the representatives of civil society, government, media, including members of international and regional organisations.

Here you can download the Draft Agenda.

The project WeBER is financed by the European Union and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Skopje.