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Тhe European future of Macedonia starts with the Chapter 23

Тhe European future of Macedonia starts with the Chapter 23



Chapter 23, encompassing the judiciary, fight against corruption, and fundamental citizen rights, is the first of chapters which, together with Chapter 24, is opens within membership negotiations with the European Union. This fact underlines the importance that the Union has been attaching to the rule of law principle as one of its most cherished values. This is why it is very important to subject to discussion conditions and challenges related with Chapter 23 fields, especially as EU Council's decision to initiate membership negotiations is being hoped for and expected.

This policy brief is based on the views expressed on the final conference of the project “Network 23+”, held on 5th of July, under the title “Chapter 23: Pandora’s Box or a Key for Good Governance?”. The conference consisted of four sessions, according to the structure of the Chapter 23, in which politicians, experts, speakers from institutions, organizations and international partners debated, with the aim to determine the current state of affairs in this regard and the most important steps that Macedonia is to be taking in the forthcoming period.


This event was organized in the framework of the “Network 23+” project, financed by the European Union, co-financed by the Royal Embassy of Norway in Belgrade, and supported by the Municipality of Centar. The opinions set out in this document are the views of the authors and cannot be regarded as the official positions of the donors.

  • The European future of Macedonia starts with the Chapter 23 - Policy Brief [.pdf 1608KB]