Trainings for creating policies

Multiple trainings were held as a part of the project “Dialogues for Vision”, aiming to strengthen the capacities of the CSO’s and researchers for creating evidence based policies.

Initiative for reforms

A group of civil society organizations and experts prepared a Blueprint for Urgent Democratic Reforms with the aim to provide an incentive, guidelines and detailed actions necessary for restoring the democratic standards and values in Macedonia, achieving progress in selected areas of public policy, as well as bringing back citizens’ trust in the key public institutions.

National EU Debate

In an absence of a national debate for the European Union, EPI will initiate an inclusive dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders for the accession process of The Republic of Macedonia in the EU.

EPI on #Brexit

The EU to rejuvenate its own integration dynamics, bringing also a new vision and narrative to the integration process of the Western Balkans countries.

Published research papers

The European Policy Institute is publishing the Research Papers made within the "Dialogues for Vision" project in the three thematic areas: Democracy and rule of law, Socio-economic development and Social cohesion.

"Network 23+" Open call for CSOs

Grant scheme will be implemented within the project "Network 23+" supported by the IPA program to support civil society and media in 2014 (Grant No. 2015/372-126)