Awarded grants within the Network 23 re-grant scheme

The aim of the grant scheme, as set in the Project Application, was to provide support for civil society organizations in monitoring and evaluation of national/local policies under Chapter 23 - Judiciary and Fundamental Rights.

Network 23

By the end of April 2014, EPI as a lead partner (in cooperation with the Helsinki Committee Macedonia and the Center for Change Management) was granted its first Civil Society Facility IPA grant. The project also includes a re-granting scheme for capacity building of local civil society organizations. This will be the first re-granting scheme to be implemented by EPI.

Eurozoom - start of the broadcast of the news cycle

The new cycle of Eurozoom began with the brodcast! This project is supported by the Delegation of the European Union in Macedonia. The project is implemented in partnership with the Institute for European Policy (EPI) - Skopje. The entire cycle devoted to the process of negotiations for Macedonia's membership in the EU. The first issue addresses topics related to the field of justice.

Think for Europe Network

Think for Europe” Network of Think Tanks and EU Policy Research Centres in South East Europe (TEN) was established against the background of weak regional cooperation in EU related policy research, despite the common challenges pre-accession countries face on their road to EU membership.