The European Policy Institute was founded on 24 February 2011 as an association of citizens under the Law on associations and foundations. 
The Institute was registered in the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia on 11 March 2011.


EPI's mission is, through high-quality research and proposals on European policy, to provide a sound base for debate and solutions, targeting decision-makers and the wider public.


  • Creating a public space for exchange of opinions involving decision-makers and stakeholders in creating European strategies and policies
  • Raising awareness of the public and decision-makers of the EU integration policy
  • Promoting critical thought, research and analysis in creating and implementing strategies and policies of EU integration
  • Promoting regional cooperation and contribution to the debate on enlargement and Europeanization in the region and wider
  • Development of the dialogue on EU integration in the civil society in the Republic of Macedonia, in the region and EU
  • Activities

  • Producing research, studies, analysis and other materials on creation and implementation of EU policies
  • Publishing opinions and proposals on the strategy and policy of integration in the EU
  • Following the development of and the debate on EU strategies and policies
  • Organisation of conferences, round tables, debates and other forms of dialogue
  • Trainings related to EU integration
  • Publishing a bulletin, periodical, books and other publications
  • Planning and performing projects
  • Networking and communication with other associations and organizations with similar aims in the country and in the region through exchange of experience and joint organisation of events of regional significance
  • Co-operation with academic and other institutions, NGO's, the business sector in the country and abroad

  • Programme Areas

  • Democracy, institutions, law
  • Human rights and media
  • Enlargement and regional cooperation, foreign policy and security
  • Market and competitiveness
  • Social development/Diversity and cohesion
  • Network industries and environment